It feels odd not to have posted anything yesterday. I guess there were a few things going on that needed a little more attention. Anyway. So, no Digweed… I’m dealing. Not very well, but I’m dealing. I guess we’ll just have to wait till after x-mas to see some great shows. Hopefully there’ll be some good DJs coming to either Atlanta or Boston (if I’m home on a break) in the next few years.

Besides that, I had my presentation today in 3D, it went well. Nothing special. I also got some new batteries for my flash and it looks like it’s completely busted. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to figure something out. On the up-side, Jason does have some colored “gels” for film that will work quite nicely for a few shots. Hopefully this assignment will work out. I’m not exactly “inspired” at the moment, but I hope something comes along and sparks my intrest in color. I’d much rather be shooting black and white at the moment. I don’t like the hassels of color.

There are a few up-sides to color though. It’s very hard to do an “emulsion lift” with black and white. Emulsion lifts are cool. Basically, it’s very carefully removing the top layer of a photographs emulsion and floating it in water, manipulating it and then re-attaching it to other paper. This is a bad example, but it illustrates my point. Anyway, we get to learn how to do those today in class and I’m interested in that. Should be fun.

I also took some random self-portraits the other day and I’ll scan those in today in the lab, hopefully they came out well, but I’ll let you be the judge.

I also have hit a snag on the road of financial aid for school. SCAD f*cked up again and reapplied me for a loan that I can’t pay for. So, now I have to turn the money down and start the paperwork process all over again. All this after sending them specific instructions NOT to do exactly what they did AND letting them know about my current situation. All of which they apparently ignored. Swell.

Ok, I’ve had enough SCAD crap for today and I appologize for the rambling, I’m gonna go to bed now. night night.