Hey. Damn I’m still tired. I figured it was about time to get up. I’ve got a lot of work today. I’m taking pictures for an assignment with “natural light”. Not my most favorite of topics but we’ll see. Anyway, I’ve already shot two rolls and I wanted to shoot a third just to cover my ass. After that I’ll drop off the film to be developed, pick it up after an hour, and head downtown to the darkroom to start printing. At least I have an incentive. Lauren promised to make some cinamon rolls if I got done around dinner time. Mmm, tasty…

But on a sour note (nice segway huh?) we got the last bills for the apartments utilities yesterday. After some quick math, it comes out to about $94 a person. Ouch! It would only be about $50 a person if it wasn’t for electricity. Electric itself is over $150! Is that high or am I over reacting? We do have 3 computers running and an air conditioner that is kept on a lot of the time. Hopefully it’ll be better next month since it’s getting cooler and we don’t need the AC as much.

Ok, I’ve got to get moving with this stuff. Later.

Current Mood: confused about energy prices