Hey again. It seems that the icons I stumbled apon a short time ago belong to one of our fellow net-citizens. I had found both the Counter Strike and Simely icons at “insert random icon site here” and there wasn’t any sort of restriction posted for personal use. Apparently someone had stolen the icons from somewhere else. More exactly, from Greg Fleming at Dark Project Studios. My appologies to Greg for using the icons without permission. Anyone will tell you that I always ask before using things around the web (notice the Monaux banner below?) but there wasn’t a link in the zip I found. I wish I could remember what site I found them at so I could let Greg know… I’ll wonder through my bookmarks and see if it’s in there. Anyway, I’m redesigning the site this weekend anyways and I’ll certainly put up a link to his site.

Aside from that, Lauren and I are taking a day trip today up to Hilton Head. We’re gonna check out the outlet shops and browse around a bit and I’ll see if I can take a roll of film or two. Ok, shower time. Later.