Hello there…
Well, after a wonderful night of Chinese food, relaxing and watching Enemy at the Gates I’m feeling pretty good… well, to be truthful, I’m feeling really “weird” this morning. I don’t quite no why. I think it’s an odd combination of tired, caffinated, and worrying. Has anyone else ever been “selectivly jumpy” as I’m going to call it. Basically meaning that you’re “out of it” sometimes and when you’re not, you’re really jumpy and nervous. Maybe it’s one of those things where I could go back to sleep, let my body figure out what the hell it’s doing, and wake up feeling “right” again. But, as a simpler explination, I think I’m just worried about my photo assignment. I don’t have it done and I’m not “inspired” to do it and I don’t really like the subject of the assignment. Poop. Oh well. What can ya do?

Anyway, tonight is dance lessons, and that should make me feel better. Unless of course we’re doing the Marengay (sp?) which I hate and there’s too many people there. Then I’ll be disappointed. But I’m crossing my fingers. Also, tomorrow, Lauren and I are planning on going to Hilton Head SC. A nifty little place filled with outlet stores (and hopefully things for me to photograph).

Oh, and this is random… but check this out and give me feedback. I’m thinking about simplifing the page a tad. I’m open to suggestions.


Current Mood: Weird