For those of you who remember, a few weeks ago, my credit card number was stolen. Some fraudulent charges were made and the credit company called to straiten everything out. They did and I soon had my new card. Everything was peachy. I was told to wait for an affidavit saying that I hadn’t made those charges and sign it and return it when it showed up. Well, apparently it went to NH before it came here. My parents got it and forwarded it to me. But, as I was reading it, it said to sign it and return it by the 17th. “Umm, today is the 15th” I thought to myself… “I wonder when my parents sent it?” I checked the date/time stamp on the envelope and it says the 12th. This means two things. First, my parents have had this letter for days and didn’t send it to me, and secondly there’s no way I can get this to WI in two days. Especially since it’s nearly 6:00 and I’d have to send it first thing tomorrow. Oh, did I mention that the letter said that if it wasn’t returned by the 17th, that the charges would be reapplies. Cool Huh?

Oi. It’s time for a nap.