Apparently I was mistaken. Either way, it’s been fixed. I added Greg’s banner to the side and it’ll carry over to the redesign this weekend. That’ll probably be Sunday. I think. Maybe. *shoulder shrug*


Anyway, I made out like a friggin’ bandit today at Old Navy. I feel like such a consumer whore. They had the entire store at 50%+ off. It was silly. I got a very nice polo-shirt-ish shirt for $1.99! I got a jacket for $8. Pants for $11. So on and so forth. It was really cool. After my mini-shoping spree indulgence I felt kinda bad, but you know, I really don’t care anymore.

After that Lauren and I headed back to Savannah and had some dinner at a nice little Italian place downtown. Then we went back to her place and watched Life is Beautiful. I had never seen it and was quite pleased. Thank goodness is was the Italian version with subtitles and not the dubbed version. I’ve heard it’s horrible.

I appologize for being random. It’s late and I’m a bit tired. My spelling is probably horrible as well. Ok, sleepy time. Night, night.

Current Mood: Sleepy