Wow, what a day it’ll be. Jason arrives at some point this afternoon, I’ll probably stick around here and help him get his stuff in. I’m not quite sure what he’s bringing but I’m told its “furnature”. It takes him about 8-10 hours to get here, so if he left early this morning, he could be here as early as 3 or 4. Later this evening, Lauren get into town. They’ll check into the hotel and then come over and I can see my girl! Yah!!! And elsewhere in the country, Chip is moving in with Derrick today. That should be good for him. He needs to get out of his house for a while, just for his own sake. He parents were making him pay rent AND do household chores. The funny thing is I think is rent was higher at home! Anyway. Pete just went out the door and brought in a note from the apartment office saying that rent was late. We figured as much since Jason never sent his rent check to us this month, he was probably planning on bringing it himself. Problem being that today is the 8th and it was due on the 1st… hense, he’s a few days late. So long as he pays it I don’t really care, but he’ll have to explain it to the office, not me. Ok, shower and food time. Then I’ll wait around for everyone to get here. Joy! Finally, my girl and my buds will be back in town. Let the school year (and the fun) begin!

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