Woot Woot Woot! Guess who just wrapped up his second live mix. That’s right. Yours truely. This time we went deep progressive trance. It starts out slow (115-125bpm) peaks around 155-160bpm and then cools back off at the end. And very well I might add. I really squeezed just about every track I had into this one. All those tracks I had found durring the summer that I never got to use found their way into this one. A whopping 15 tunes, which is a lot for only an hour mix. If you’re wondering about the track listings:

Goa Gil – Unknown
Darude – Sandstorm (before the storm mix)
Mekka – Diamondback
DJ Mary Jane – Rave with the Gods
Satoshi Tomiie – Love in Traffic
Kings of Tomorrow – Finally (extended mix)
Danny Tenaglia – Bottom Heavy
Darude – Feel the beat
Cosmic Gate – Firewire
Antiloop – I Love You / Trespasser (medly, my mix)
Mad Dogs – Sudden Journey (Leon Alexander mix)
Blue Harvest – Don’t Sleep (white label)
Darude – Let the Music take control (extended mix)
Sasha & Emerson – Scorchio (white label)
DJ Infiniti – 9pm Till I Break – (white label)

If my friends are interested, just let me know and I’ll get you a copy of it. Or you can still get my last mix which was made last spring. Ok, bed time. Later kids.

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