Why am I awake at 3am? Someone tell me. I haven’t had large amounts of caffine (the usually excuse) and I’m very tired. Yet I sit here awake. Odd. Anyway, I just got back from seeing Jay & Silent Bob with the gang. It was kinda fun to get everyone out and doing something.

The evening started with Nagle calling to make sure I was still “a go” for tonight festivities. Kimberly drove over, with Nagle, Emily and Sarah, and picked me up around 9:45. We drove to the movie theatre and met Andy, Sean and Jeff before buying tickets and going in. It was about 2 minutes until 10:00, the time the movie was supposed to start. We walked in and the movie was already 20 minutes in. We all looked at our watches and most of them still said it wasn’t 10 yet. We found the manager. We asked for our money back since no one had seen it besides Nagle and myself and they didn’t want to have missed the first few minutes. If it had been us that were late, we would have let it go, but since they obviously started it very early, we wanted refunds. After that Sean and Emily said they were hungry and Andy suggested Bennigans.

Now, I really don’t like Bennigans that much, I’ve found the service to be crappy and the food usually cold. But since its Andy’s favorite place, we of course had to go. As we walked in, the hostess says she doesn’t have any place for them to seat 8 people and that we’d have to wait. After some convincing, Andy somehow talked his way into getting them to take food orders before we even sat down. Only 3 of us were actually getting food, so the fuss over where 8 people should sit was kind of a moot point. Oh well. After a few minutes, the group of us that wasn’t eating left to go catch the 12:00 movie and the rest of them would have to catch up.

This time the movie started on time and luckily everyone made it. From the amount of laughing everyone was doing I’m guessing everyone liked it. Afterwards I headed back to my place and Jeff came along to visit. He had never seen the new digs. When I got to my front door and opened it, I realized that Pete had chained the door. Not good. Jeff and I tried for a few minutes to reach around and open it, ultimatly failing. A few quick door-bell rings later and my roommate was dragged out of bed to unlock the door. I gave Jeff the dime tour, grabbed something to drink and drove him home. Now I’m here. Sitting in front of the keyboard, not able to sleep. Damn my constantly thinking mind. Ok, I guess it’s time to try sleep again. Later.

Current mood: Sleepy