Whoops, forgot to blog something yesterday. Oh well, what can I say? I was busy. I took care of some photo homework, went to Sams Club with the boys and bought a microwave, shot 2 rolls of film & developed them, went and bought books and enough metal wire for my first 3D project, rented a few movies, and made brownies with Lauren. Very good brownies by the way. There was supposed to be a “tropical storm” or small hurrican coming through town last night… but I don’t think it even rained. At any rate, since the girls live downtown and I live uptown, I offered for them to stay out here. Well, when no rain came, it seemed kinda silly. We did rent “State & Main” a great little David Mamet film about a film crew shooting on location in VT. I think I remember them shutting down parts of the oval to film scenes from this, so I was constantly looking for Milford landmarks, of which I found a couple. At any rate, it was a very funny movie.

Ok, today I’m going to go down to the computer lab in the photo building and use their kick butt negative scanners. I’ve got to scan pictures for class and about a dozen for my aunt and uncle. Guys, if you’re reading this. I didn’t forget about you, I just couldn’t get to the negative scanners until classes started. Ok, I’m going to go have a Hot Pocket in my brand new microwave. Huzah!

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