Well, yesterday tired me out. Around 12:30 Lauren came over to get some things that she had left here over the summer. I helped get those over to her place and set them up. It was basically a big set of metal grates that form cube shelves. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, after that we took a run to Walmart and Sams Club. Lauren needed a few essentials, power cords, trash bags, stuff like that. On the way back I proposed to make dinner and it eventually morphed into Lauren buying a roast chicken and bringing it over after she had gone home and cleaned up. So, she went home to shower and I went home to start making “sides” for dinner. They got here around 7:45, we ate and sat down to watch Tombstone on DVD. After that I drove Lauren home while her dad made himself home on the couch. They had booked hotel rooms for the previous night but weren’t able to get one for tonight, so, I offered the service of our couch. It’s not the most wonderful thing on the planet, but at least its comfortable. Thats about it. I figured I’d post a little something since today I’ll be busy. In the morning I’m going with Lauren and her dad to the airport then I’m going to come home and take a nap. After that, while Lauren is setting up her apartment, I’m going to go funature shopping with the boys, probably followed by another nap. After that, some dinner with Lauren and then we’re going to come back here and relax. Ok, sleepy time, I’ve got to get up early. Later.

Current Mood: Sleepy