Well, yesterday didn’t quite work out as planned, but turned out quite well anyway. I got to play a little ultimate frisbee with the boys then hang out with Lauren all night. We were going to go to the jazz club, but the band wasn’t supposed to start playing until 11, it usually starts around 9. So, instead, we went out for coffee and then relaxed around here.

At some point, my bathroom started leaking down into the kitchen below and there was a bit of a panic. We told the landlord/office about it and they said they would send the maintence people over tomorrow.

I also was supposed to get to rolls of slides developed today but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. The place I usually get them done changed their hours and they’re now closed on Sundays. I needed the negatives to show to my professor tomorrow. Hopefully I can do without them. We won’t start printing them until Wednesday, so I’m not falling behind or anything, but I may be considered “unprepared.” Oh well.

The last bit of homework I have this weekend is right up my alley. Get this, I have to surf the web and find pictures/stock photos/etc to use in a photo-collage. Geez, it’s not like I don’t already do that. How about you assign me a project where I have to check my email or something hard like that. hehe.

In other randomness, I started the new “new design” of the page. This time its horizontal! You guys will like it, trust me. Later.

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