Well, today I’m tired as heck. I didn’t get much sleep last night, but for good reasons. Anyway, I spent the morning trying to help my roommate find some coax cable so he could run tv to his room. We got that done but then he never got his cable/video card in his computer to work right so it was kinda pointless.

He’s blaiming Windows 2000 for his problems but I think it’s sorta misdirected. I mean, it isn’t really the operating systems fault that a tv tuner card you bought in highschool doesn’t work anymore, the company that makes it went out of buisness and you can’t find drivers. Oh well. He saying that he “hates” windows 2k, like he hates a lot of things and is vowing to uninstall it when he gets home from work. Good for him, some times it doesn’t work out for everyone. I know that personally I had more problems in 98 so I tried Linux, which was just as un-user-friendly. So, with Chris‘ urging, I finally made the jump to 2k, and I’m very pleased with it. But, I guess it’s not for everyone.

Other than that, this morning was rather uneventful. I’m being lazy and not working on the projects I have. Bad Matt, bad! I’ve gotta cut that out. I’ve got 11 collages due on monday and film to be shooting. As for the moment, since the sun has disappeared behind a giant black storm cloud, I don’t really feel like going outside and taking pictures, that’ll be tomorrows project. I’m gonna head downtown and see Lauren and get some dinner. Living on my own is great, but I don’t “remember” to eat. In the dorms it was different, there was a “meal time”. Here I can eat “whenever” so I always figure that I’ll eat later, but I never get around to it. Oh well, food is good, so I’m going to go have some. Later.