Well, I’ve got a few more places to try today, then I guess I might try resturants. Who knows. Anyway, I’ve got some shopping to do to. I need a few things at WalMart and a small list at the grocery store. My mom also just let me know that I got my last check from EB in the mail. I might just buy that CD player and then pay myself back with the refund from the school. After all, it is an “essential”. Have any of you know me to go without music, in my car or in the darkroom, for more than 30 seconds? Didn’t think so. After my stereo was stolen and my Discman broke, I was left without anything to listen to. I’m going to need something in the near furture, but I could just get a cheap one. But, then again… I don’t want a cheap one. I want this. Ok, time for food an shopping.

Oh, on a seperate note, Jason let Pete and I know that he’s going to be coming on Saturday, not Friday like we had originally thought. This should be interesting. I hope we can find Jason a bed quickly since Lauren’s dad is going to be taking up the couch on Sunday. At any rate, it’ll be good to have everyone back in town, I’ve been bored out of my mind lately.

Current Mood: Tired