Well, it’s happened. I’ve come across a desktop Blogger application. I’ve had some minor applications that have come close. For example, I have a “right-click” script to be able to update things right on the page. But this, this kick butt. I’ve come across BlogBuddy, a truely desktop pulisher for my journal. Huzah! You have no idea how happy this has made me. (Chip, you can stop groaning now) You see, the rest of my friends know that I update this far to often, and are beging to realize that now I can do it even more frequently. Hehehe.

Ok, tonight, Pete and I grabbed a bite to eat and then headed over to Hollywood video and tried to find something to rent. Collectively we’ve either seen everything or didn’t want to rent anything crappy, so we went home empty handed. Oh well, at least there’s something interesting on the Discovery channel.

Also, in random surfing tonight, I came across Fat Free Radio. A great alternative to normal streaming web audio. It’s the Tag’s Trance of the Punk world. All great punk, all the time.

Ok, bed time, I’m pretty tired and I’m not sure why. Later.

Current Mood: Happy