There seems to be an unspoken realization that life needs to continue as normal as possible, in some vain attempt to show the terrorists that they “didn’t win”. It’s hard to merely forget that something like this has happened. Without a doubt this is the most significant event of my lifetime. Past generations had wars, moon landings, presidential assassinations etc. We have this. The largest terrorist attack in recorded history. What we’ve witnessed over the past few days has been the highest and lowest points of humanity ever imagined. Inhuman, wretched pieces of human waste perpetrate this heinous crime, then, in our darkest hour, humanity, people, come to the aid of each other. The news tonight was littered with not stories of the catastrophe but of miraculous rescues and people working 2 days strait to dig survivors out of hundreds of stories of wreckage. This reaffirms my believe that despite a few pieces of inbred dog-shit terrorists, the world isn’t a completely awful place. Yes, we live in a fast paced, unfriendly society most of the time, but when times get tough, we stick together, for whatever reason, maybe deep down, that guy that cut you off in traffic yesterday could be the one that saves your life by pulling you from a burning building. We can always hope. And that’s something that no one can take away, no matter how many planes they get a hold of.

This horrifying event will undoubtedly be considered our generations “Viet Nam”, that is, if we start bombing the shit out of somebody in the next few weeks. We have this nasty school ground habit of pushing back when we’ve been bullied or feel threatened. I’m usually not a violent person, but let there be no mercy for those who perpetrated this barbarous act. Let them be hunted.

Despite the above and my current feelings toward the subject, that the situation should be held to the highest regard of severity and ever present thought, things must continue for most of us.

Classes at SCAD today continued normal, with most students discussing it at the imaginary “water coolers”. Teachers gave out information for counselors should anyone wish to talk with one.

My classes were both fine. The attendance was surprisingly small but that’s to be expected somewhat. This is also the beginning of add/drop and if tuition wasn’t paid by today, you were dropped from all your classes. Most likely the reason, coupled with the world situation, that my Digital Imaging class only had 7 people in it. But that’s all the better for me, more computers and facilities to use that way. My Color Photography class was also small, but much closer to normal. Both classes will be challenging, with Color taking up a larger portion of the work.

Digital Imaging isn’t actually a “digital photography” class, it’s more of a “manipulation” class. There are several assignments on photo manipulation, negative scanning and digital retouching, experimentation with digital media, all sorts of fun things. I fortunately have a decent background in most of that, so the class won’t be “hard” per say.

Color on the other hand, will be a killer. For 6 years, all I’ve thought in has been black and white. Now they add variables to the mix that will take some time to adjust to. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as “buying different film”. Oh heck no, there’s quality of light, amount of light vs. colored light, type of light (florescent vs. halogen vs. natural), primary subtractive light colors, all that and we haven’t gotten to supplies yet. That’s just the things in play to take the damn picture. Once we cross into materials land, we have to consider color saturation of the paper, the finish of the paper, whether its negative or positive paper, emulsion lifts, Polaroid transfers, all sorts of crap. Oi. I know I’ll have it all strait in my head soon, but it’ll be a pain to get there.

As for my day, after having those from 9am till 2:30, I headed over to Lauren’s to visit for a little bit. I hadn’t eaten lunch (since I was in class till 2) so we ended up getting some food. After that we hung out a little until I left to come home and help Jason out with ordering some computer parts. I told him I’d help him build a machine. His machine, once I get it built, should kick some serious butt. A 1.4Ghz Athalon, 1G of DDR Ram, DVD, CDRW, GeForce 2 GTS, a 40G Deckstar HD and a kick ass Creative sound card. All for about $1100.

Other bits. Yes, Chris, I will help with some graphics for your page. Also, this is long overdue, and I appologize, but Nick has updated his site with a new design and format.

That’s about it. I think it’s time for sleep. Later, and take care my friends.