Talk about a random, crappy day yesterday. Things seemed to be resolved though, at least for the moment. I got the tire patched, the car is running fine, Lauren came over with chicken salad and cake to make me feel better (I love her!) and I might be a Canadian citizen. That’s right, you heard me. After a reminder from my father as to my actual rights when it comes to nationality, it seems that I can legally be both a citizen of the US, with all rights and privileges, as well as a Canadian citizen.

It works like this. Since you (and I) were born in the US, we’re automatically a citizen. You’re also considered a US citizen if you were born to American parents over-seas (people on military bases for instance). Same goes for Canada. I was born in the US, making me a US citizen, but my mother is Canadian, hence I was born to Canadian parents on “foreign soil”. All I have to do is some paper work, and I become a Canadian citizen as well. And, quite frankly, now seems like a perfect time to do so. I know what you’re thinking, “wouldn’t I loose all my American rights/privileges?” Nope. Since I was still born here, I’m a US citizen for life, even retaining all the right and so forth if I leave and don’t come back until I’m 80, I’d still get things like Medicare for example. It’s called Duel Citizenship. Basically, my paranoid brain, with the help of my paranoid father, figures that if the proverbial “shit hits the fan”, I could make a dash to the boarder and just say that I’m a Canadian citizen, then I’m in, no questions asked.

Ok, enough talk of “shit hitting fans”, and on to lighter topics. Thanks to a conversation over on Tess’ page, I went looking for the Dunkin’ Donuts website. Not that it was hard to find. I do want those “diner mugs” they’ve got for sale. That would be awesome. And they’re only $5.99. Neat! At any rate, I was just using the “store locator” to see if there was any around here (besides the one I already knew about) and of course there isn’t. There is that one, but it’s really really sketchy and I don’t think I’d go there after sundown.

Ok, since I didn’t exactly get much sleep last night, I’m going to go to bed early. Night.