I’m in the digital photoloab and it’s a half-hour before class… which means some web surfing is in order. But, before that, random bits of things.

Does anyone remember the “red” hair thing I desided to do freshman year? Well, its going to make a come back I think. I’ve gotten bored with this ol’ head of hair again and I think red is going to be the way to go. And for those of you who don’t remember, it’s was very very red. Not solid, “fire engine” red, but the darkest red that looks semi-natural, ie: dark chestnut/auburn. Its kinda cool.

Also, last night after some fuss, we got the network connection between Pete’s computer and my own working. Now there will be nothing stoping the UT fests, Counter-Strike marathons or other network games of yester-year.

Also, has anyone ever had Hot Pocket heartburn? Seriously. I think the human body, after 6 “pockets” or so, rejects the microwavable goodness that is a Hot Pocket. I had the worst stomach ache last night and I think it’s because of my favorite snack food. Matt must learn moderation.

I’ve also got to mention the kick ass scanners we have up here in the lab. The Nikon LS-1000 negative scanner is a piece of art. High resolutions of 2700dpi make even shitty negatives look good… this thing is going to save my ass, I can tell.

Ok, I’m very very sleepy, so I’m probably going to take a nap after class, but after that, I’ll probably go hang with my girl. After that, who knows. Ok, it’s nearly class time. Later.

Current Mood: Sleepy