I had been talking with Nagle resently about people with the opinion that the US deserved last weeks attacks. I can’t seem to fathom why people would think that. I’m not naming names, but I have a damn good idea who does. It really makes me sick. They’re so blinded by their social reform bullshit that they actually think that thousands of people deserved to die and that American had it coming. Some bullshit about how America has been the bully of the worlds school-yard and now the scrawny kid is pushing back. Well, fuck you! I was reading links off of Chris‘ page and came across a post on Jen’s page about the exact same topic:

“WTF? We try to improve the world stage at large, make peace in a region that hasn’t known peace since before the time of Christ, ship equipment, food and money anywhere in the world that it is needed, send our young men all over the world to act as police in countries that have lost all organization or civilized government…. and we DESERVE IT? We can’t mount an organized campaign to enforce global laws against terrorism, use standard military strategy to make pin-point strikes against those who have frequently killed Americans and have committed the worst atrocity since the Holocaust, use every one of our considerable means to leave civilian populations out of the fighting, and want nothing more than to bring the perps to justice… and we are stopping to the level of scumbags who would use a flying gas-tank to destroy tens of thousands of innocents who work in businesses that help the global economy? And since when does ANYONE deserve random attacks? A woman in a skimpy dress does not deserve rape. A black man who has worked hard to attain success does not deserve to be pulled over because he drives a nice car. A white guy with a northern accent does not deserve to be called racist because he comes from a town where there isn’t a large minority population. And nobody, I mean NOBODY, deserves a ignominious violent death because of his or her nationality or his country’s foreign policy.

Pray for the victims… and for anyone who is stupid enough to voice such opinions around ME.

That’s right. Anyone who even thinks about saying anything to that extent around me will have a facefull of me to deal with.