Hmm, well Lauren leaves for Savannah this morning. I couldn’t be happier. This summer has dragged on too long without me being able to see her. I really really missed her. It was almost unbearable to not be able to visit Texas this summer like I had planned. But that’s what happens when money is tight and work blows. I know all this sounds sappy, but I don’t care, I really missed her. And now she’ll be back on Saturday. Yippee!!! I can’t wait. I’ve finally got an apartment and we don’t have to live under “dorm rules” anymore. If we want to watch a movie late at night, we can. Finally, I place to call my own where the love of my life can visit anytime day or night without fear of getting written up by the powers that be. The RAs were only doing their jobs, but the rules sucked non-the-less. But who cares, two days until my Lauren is back in town! Yah!

Elsewhere, randomly, I was toying with the idea of using different programs or systems to update this page. Currently I’m using Blogger for the updates and DotComments for the comment system, all with a program called BlogBuddy to do most of the updating from my desktop. I looked into LiveComment but it required XML (which hindenburg, the server, doesn’t have), I also looked into Gray Matter, but that required XML as well. Then I found WebLogue. It doesn’t require XML, but it’s buggier than hell. How depressing. There’s plenty of webpage journal/update systems, but they either require evil Microsoft server stuffage or they just plain blow. Either way, looks like I’ll be sticking to Blogger coupled with DotComments for the time being.

Ok, today I’ve got to do a little cleaning. Pete is busy at OL stuff all day so I figured I’d pitch in and clean up some of the apartment since both Jason and Lauren would be getting back on Saturday. Pete will still have to clean his own bathroom though. I’m not that nice. Actually, I’m just going to take out the trash and clean my own room a little. I’ve kept 98% of the house very clean since I’ve gotten here. I’m frightened that I’m becoming the domestic one. I don’t think I like it. Once this semester starts, they’re gonna have to clean up their own messes, they won’t get any help from my end. Unless of course it’s in the middle of the house and it’s in my way. At that point I’ll just throw whatever mess they have going in a bag and save it for them for later. (insert evil grin). Just kidding. Sorta.

Ok, I’ve been staying up way to late. Once classes start and I have to get up for a 9am, I’m gonna die. It’s already 2am! Shit! The last time I looked at the clock it was 11:30. Damn. Ok, sleepy time. Or else Matt will be a zombie come this time next week. Later.

Current Mood: Sleepy

ps: remind me to make a “sleepy” icon. I think I’ll be needing it soon.