Hey. Went dancing last night with Lauren. Great fun as always. Except we weren’t doing one of my more favorite dances. One of Lauren’s roommates, Liisa, is the dance teacher’s pet. He went around the room and asked what everyone’s favorite dance was so he could start off with something everyone was familiar with. We all said Swing except for Liisa who likes ChaCha. Guess what the lesson was. Yup, ChaCha. It wasn’t all bad though, we picked up a few moves that we could use in swing anyways. So, that was fun.

After dancing, we stopped by the supermarket and picked up some ingredients for a snack that Lauren just learned how to make. They’re really good. Basically they’re super pigs in a blanket. You take some peperoni and cheese and roll’em up in cresent rolls. Very tasty.

Today I’ve got to shoot another roll of film and go downtown to the Bursars office and straiten some stuff out. Hopefully that won’t take very long cause I’m not feeling very good at the moment and would like to go back to bed. Oh well.

Lauren’s also going with her roommates to South Carolina tonight which leaves me all alone. I’ll probably find something to do, if only to sit here and play hockey against Jason.

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Current mood: Tired and a little sick