Hey there. I just thought I’d repost this since it got covered up by a lot of other ramblings soon after I posted it. Anyway.

I just finished up my first set of skins for a nifty little program called SkinMem. I whipped up 4 skins, all fairly simple but very very clean. I can’t stand sloppy skins. I would rather make 4 simple and good looking ones than 10 shitty ones. I don’t like those “I found a picture of a supermodel and stuck it in the background” type of skins either. It completely defeates the purpose. You guys know what I’m talking about right? At any rate, SkinMem is pretty slick, it’s a real time system resourse monitor, kind of like SysMeter only much simpler and easier to skin. Anyway, I was bored so I whipped out Photoshop and came up with these four. If you like’em, lemme know. Or if you have any suggestions, lemme know about them too. Ok, you can get the program here. And you can get the skins here. The installation is simple. Just unzip the files into the skins directory thats inside of the main SkinMem directory. All that is explained in the zip as well. Feedback is welcome. Enjoy.”