Hey kids, today is homework day. I’m gonna sit down and finish some work for Digital class. But, just so you guys don’t feel left out. I figured I’d upload a few pictures for you to take a look at. They’re linked to bigger images, so just click on’em to see the bigger version. I also stuck a “copyright” on them so no one desides to steal them. It’s kinda sad that I have to do that, but we won’t get into it. Also note, each of the “larger” images is very large, at least 200k+, just to let you know incase you’re on a slow connection. Ok, all three of the pictures were taken in the span of a week when I was still up in NH. The first one is down a dirt road in the middle of no where. It’s been “split-toned” which means it’s been run through about 30 chemicals to get it to have such a drastic color shift. It was originally B&W!! Both the second and third ones were taken in Merrimack NH, in and around Silver Lake. Ok, take a peak. Enjoy.

. .