Hey kids. Random Post. Both Lauren and Jason got in fine yesterday. Jason showed up around 3 and I helped him get all his stuff inside and take the UHaul trailer back to the rental place. Lauren called a little bit after that and said they were about 2 hours away from Savannah, they would be in around 6. They were and I met her and her dad for a quick dinner at the Atlanta Bread Company. After that her dad went back to the hotel and Lauren came back to my place to see it “furnished” and to hang out for the evening. Today, she moves back into the dorms and I was supposed to go over and help her move in. Actually, I was told that they may not need my help at all. One of her roommates is bringing 3 of her brothers with her and I guess they’re going to be the manual labor for the afternoon. So, it’ll be the 4 roommates, 3 brothers, 1 sister and 4 parents, which leaves us with a grand total of 12 people trying to set up an apartment. Odds are they probably won’t need my help and I would be best to stay out of the way. But I’ll give’em a call in a few minutes and see.

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