As the thunder and lightning danced across the sky, I was driving home, soaking wet and defeated in my search for a job. I had gone to a few places before the sky had turned into a solid black, but all of those weren’t hiring. Actually, to be honest, every place I went wasn’t hiring. But after the rain started, it didn’t seem to make sense to go in and ask for a job after dripping all over an application. I drove over to the plaza close to my apartment, no luck at either coffee shop, they weren’t hiring. Same thing at the cigar shop next door. After that I drove across to the camera stores. I actually filled out applications this time, only to get the usually “we’ll keep it on file” when I was done. After that I headed downtown and went to the art supply store. They had just hired two kids the other day. Damn my timing. On the walk back to my car, the sky instantly turned black and dumped gallons of rain on me. I went from wondering where my sunglasses were to wiping water out of my eyes in under a minute. It was completely caught off guard. I was wearing fairly nice clothes of course; my charcole slacks, a dress shirt and my shoes. All were soaked instantly. I hopped back in my car, which I had parked in the middle of an open parking lot of course. I realized I wasn’t exactly “presentable” at the moment and decided to go home and change. I got home just in time. As I did, the power went out and wind picked up. The sky had gotten darker and it had turned into a full blown thunder storm. Actually, it’s still stormy outside as I type, so I probably shouldn’t be on the computer. Anyway, I turned on the tv and waited for a weather report. Guess what, there was only a 65% chance of light showers this afternoon… light showers my ass. Aparently, someone had actually looked out a window down at the station and as the weather man was giving his report of “light showers”, a storm warning flashed along the bottom of the screen. I was rolling on the floor laughing. Seems fitting. But, anyway, there was no luck in Jobville today, better luck tomorrow, I’m certainly a long way from giving up. Later.

Current Mood: Wet