Arg. Apparently, I’m not “needy” enough to get a Work Study job. I didn’t really want a “work study” job, but after talking to the people at PhotoWorks (the campus photo store) I found out that since it’s run by the school, its “school employees” only. ie: work study kids. Which doesn’t really make sense to me. If you want to work there, you should be able to (provided they need someone). It seems funny to reserve jobs for people that “need” them, even if they don’t “want” them.

Hmm. Ok, so after talking to Photoworks, I go to the “Student Employment Center” and ask if there were any jobs or job listings. I was told that the photo store didn’t need anyone but that the book store might. Then I was given a stack of paper work and sent off to my financial aid counselor. The loan counselor (after waiting 15 minutes) told me was ineligible for work study. I wasn’t poor enough. Yet again, just because I’m middle class and WANT to work, I can’t because we’ve reserved jobs for people that “need” them more. I’m sorry. I don’t intend to sound mean, but if someone wants to work (poor kid, rich kid, whatever) shouldn’t they be given the chance to?

It’s the same with loans. People that are less fortunate get more. Why? Because they need more? Not true. They NEED just as much as I do. They simply have less means to get it. Again, I’m not trying to sound biased against people that have less money than I, but I WANT to work. Most people that qualify for full financial aid, don’t work. Think about it. How many people who are getting full rides from the government would want to work, make money, and jeopardize their “poor” status? I wouldn’t either. I can’t say I blame them.

Ok, sorry for the rant. After finding out I can’t get anything from the school, I drove home, the car radio echoing my mood with songs about crappy days. I shrugged it off, went inside, combed my hair and went back out to see if they needed anyone at the other photo store. The one that had been closed yesterday. The girl at the desk said she didn’t know but that I could an application. She started looking for applications and couldn’t find any. The manager wasn’t in so she wasn’t sure what to do. A big help she was.

Tomorrow I’ll start with Primary Art Supplies and WorldWide Camera (again), and work my way south-side and make stops at the two coffee houses near my house, B&N, EB in the mall, and some other random places. I’m even considering getting a job at the Cigar Store. That would be interesting wouldn’t it? At any rate, it’s nearly 5:00 and Pete was going to come home so we could go to Sam’s Club and pick up a few more essentials. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, today’s been a bit of a disappointment.