Arg. 9am sucks. Actually, to be more precise, 7:30am sucks. I hate getting up that early. And even then, that’s my best attempt to sleep as much as possible. I should be getting up at 7. I get up at 7:30, shower breifly, cram toast into my face before starting to drive downtown by 8 so I can be there by 8:30 and fight for parking for my 9am class. See, the building that my major is in, doesn’t have it’s own parking lot. Which means I have to fight buisness men, tourists and other students for parking. Arg. Why would anyone schedule a class at 9am for an art school in the first place. The only students that possibly might enjoy being up that early would be those Arch. or History majors. The rest of us are self-proclaimed slackers and deserve a good nights rest. By good I mean at least 10 hours and usually starting at 1am. Ok, enough about that.

I love being able to get into my Digital class early. Since I’m up for my 9am, I may as well make the most of it by being at my 12 early… which is easy since it’s in the same building. So, around 11:30, I can be in the (this) lab hanging out and trying to wake up, a full half-hour before most of the other people. That means I get to browse the web in peace. Always a good thing. Ok, I’ve got to fiddle with some *.psd’s before class. Later.

Current Mood: Tired, as always