3D class went well today. I turned in my wire sculpture and got a great idea for a “found objects” piece for next week. I’ll explain more if it works out. I also found the post office. This may not sound very interesting, but I had been looking for the damn thing for a month and was quite pleased with myself. I also gave Jason a bunch of software. It’ll probably take him a good day or so to get his computer to the point where its “fully loaded”. It’s still missing all those little things that you forget to install after a reformat or something, like Acrobat Reader, Direct X, stuff like that. Stuff that you won’t realize you forgot until it doesn’t work.

Anyway. Tonight is dancing. Yah! Lauren and I have been taking lessons for two years now, on and off, different styles. Mostly swing and latin dances though. It’s a lot of fun. If you didn’t know me you’d probably figure I’d never be able to dance a step in my life. I just love to surprise people. At any rate, tonight is more swing, my favorite. Later.

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