YeeeeHaww! Guess who’s back on line. Thats right foo’s, its Matt! He’s back and surfing faster than ever. All those emails will be answered soon, and I’ll be on AIM a whole lot more. You know, after suffering through a dial-up all summer, this feels like a miny computer orgasm. It’s great. All that shit that I’ve been wanting to download all summer, now comes to me at 300k/sec. Yippee!

*cough*, sorry, got a little carried away. Lets see, today I’m going to sit on my ass and do absolutely nothing. And I’m so completely content to do so. You know, it’s a weird feeling waking up in your own house and realizing you have nothing to do. I have no work, no school, and a house I can call my own. It took every ounce of strength and resolve merely to get out of bed. Well, that and it’s 95 freakin’ degrees and my bed was getting a little to hot. Whatever. Ok, sorry to keep it short, I’m gonna run and enjoy the bliss of cable modems. Teehee.

Current Mood: Jubilant