Wow, where do I start? Last night was great! I don’t even have the right adjectives to start to explain it (though I’ll try). Here’s the run down. Yesterday afternoon I was suposed to pick up my car from the shop around noon. I went down to the garage and they told me that my break lines were crappy and that they’d have to replace them. No biggie, but the car wouldn’t be ready until Monday. This wasn’t good since I was supposed to pick up Chris and his friends soon after. So, I called Chris after lunch and told him the bad news, which didn’t really turn out that badly since his friends would be able drive. So, I got dropped off over his house a little while after and we were off to Boston.

Chris’ friends were Scott and Amy. Scott was Chris’ old roommate from college and Amy was Scott’s girlfriend. Both were very cool people. So, after meeting them we started off for Boston with Amy driving. Chris and I were sitting in the back giving directions as we went. We were soon on the highway and nearing Boston. The whole way down we were dodging thunderstorms that were sweeping through eastern Mass. We got to Copley Sq. sometime around 1:00 and decided it was about time for some food. So, over to Quincy Market we went.

Now, if you’ve never been to Quincy Market you’re truely missing out. Basically is a giant hall with at least 30 different resturants inside of it. You walk around and get different things to eat and then sit in the middle of the market and enjoy your meal. This trip I decided to try an Italian Sausage since I hadn’t had one in a very long time. Last time I had tried the curry from the Indian resturant but it was a little “heavy” to try and dance on. After a delicious meal we headed off into the city to explore since neither Scott nor Amy had ever been there before. Chris and I took them to Newbury Comics (no, I didn’t buy anything cause I know thats what you were thinking), down Newbury St, and around Harvard Square.

After a little site seeing we headed back to Copley and started noticing that the power was out. Not a good sign. The thunder storms we had tried to avoid had hit Boston and knocked out power all along Landsdown Street. So, after changing in the bathroom of B&N and stopping by Uno’s to get a drink we headed for the club at 8:30, hoping they would have power restored soon. Needless to say it wasn’t and we ended up waiting in line at the club, in the dark, until 10:45 when the power kicked back on and they let us in.

After getting inside, we quickly relized how many people were already on the floor and dancing. This was a small concern since there was barely standing room let alone dancing room. However, amazingly, just after Paul Van Dyk started, people started to give a little room, almost as if some of them were already tired of dancing and were leaving the floor. Fine by me, that just means more room for the rest of us.

Now, this is the part of the story thats very hard to explain. Paul Van Dyk, undeniable one of the best DJs in the world, put on a show that was like no other. I don’t have words to describe how awesome his set was, nor do I have the words to describe what it was like to dance in a sea of people who are all feeling the same vibe. It was amazing. I will say this: If any of you have seen the movie “Groove” and remember the moment towards the end, when everything has been resolved and the party is at it’s peak and the camera goes into slow-mo and the music crascendos… thats what the entire night was like for me. It was perhaps the best live performace I’ve ever seen. I’ll leave it at that since any explination I could give at this point would only degrade the picture I have in my head.

After that, it was the seemingly short car ride home after the traditional and celebratory stop at the Store 24 convience store around the corner for a bottle of water which I was in dire need of. Then directly to bed after a quick shower to rinse the sweat off. All in all it was a great night spent with some great friends. I’m so glad the power came back on. Now, for a day of relaxing, lounging and some computer games with the boys tonight when they get around to calling me. Later.

Current Mood: speechless and happily tired.