Well, tonight Chris and I went into Boston to check out Urban Outfitters and to get some desperately needed clothing. I can honestly say that we made out like bandits. Not only was there tons of stuff on sale, but everything on sale was an additional 50% off. Which means, t-shirts that were originally $30, were on sale for $10, were now $5! I ended up with 2 pairs of pants, 4 t-shirts and a dress shirt that Chris said, without my asking, “ya, thats a Matt shirt.” All that and my total was only $45. I was very pleased with my bargain hunting. After that we took a spin over to Uno’s Pizza and grabbed some dinner. Very tasty indeed.

Today I also signed up for “Independents Day” which is a group that celebrates “independent” content on the web. IE: pages written by real people without adds and crap on them.

I’ve also been playing Max Payne a lot today. Dave, you were right, that game kicks ass. In fact, I’m going to go play it now… Later.

Current Mood: kinda tired but good