Well, todays been semi-interesting, I’ve played lots of No One Lives Forever (it’s really pretty good) and made a few phone calls. I had to call SCAD since they want me to send copies of my W2s and Tax Return, which don’t exist. I Telefilled and they won’t accept a print-out version of my return. So I called to find out what I should do and of course no one is there. The Financial Aid office at SCAD is the most slack-ass, incompetent bunch of people I’ve ever seen. They work a total of 2 days a week during the summer, never return phone calls and are generally clueless when you finally get a hold of them. But, I’ve know this for years and have to put up with it. So, I left a message and hopefully someone will get back to me. After that I called the cable company to see how much cable modems were. Come to find out that they’re not offered in my area yet. Arg. In other news, there’s a new possible car I could be driving back to school. An older electrician van (otherwise known as shaggin-waggon style) has come to my attention. My neighbor wants to get rid of it. Theres absolutely nothing “wrong” with it but it’s very very basic. No power anything, no radio, no AC, etc. The radio problem I can solve, but the rest… I dunno. But still, it’s an option. I could defiantly get more stuff back to school in it. Well, thats about it for today. I’ve got to work again tomorrow but I have Friday and Sunday off, I close on Saturday. We’re BBQ’in on the grill tonight, so I’ve got to go do that, somehow I’ve become the only one able to cook meat. Go figure. Later.

Current mood: Gaming (ie: busy)