Well, today was work again. Sundays are always odd, I don’t quite know why. I think its because it doesn’t really feel like a real work day. The store is only open from 11-6. At any rate, Brent and I made the most of it by being completely off the wall and joking with each other and customers almost all day. It was very funny. At one point Brent started prank calling the other stores in the area asking for completely random stuff and asking them to hold it and he would be right there to pick it up. The only store that “caught on” was Salem so when they called back thinking it was us I answered the phone and told them that Brent wasn’t there. They asked for him directly which tells me that Brent does this sort of thing often when he’s bored. Anyways, it was good, clean, inter-store fun. The rest of the day was fairly normal and I got home around 6:30. I’m not sure what I’m doing tonight, Chip had called and asked if I was interested in doing something so I’ll probably hang-out with him. Also, you probably won’t see this until later, there was a message on the server at Blogger saying that they’re upgrading servers and they’ll be back up later today. Later.

Current Mood: Tired and working