Well, today I’ve got the day off… YAH!!! So, most of it will probably be spent cleaning out the car. Oh, I was bored last night and made an Amazon.com wish list. I figure some of my relatives start their x-mas shopping early so I might as well give’em a leg up. If you get bored and want to browse it, you can click here. I think that link will work, I dunno, Amazon has some funky links going on. Whatever. Anyway, I haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday, so I think I’m going to go find some food. I also think I’ve identified my problem… At school, I’m almost never “bored” completely and so I (or atleast my mind) always has something to do. So, in turn, I never really think about being hungry or eating. Here however, since I’m bored at home, bored at work and bored in general, I actually “think” about whether I’m hungry or not. And, being a guy, of course the answer is yes. Its like asking me if I’m tired. Well, duh, of course I am, I’m always tired, it just depends on how tired I am and if I’m letting it get to me. Anyway, I diagress, I’m going to try and not think about my hunger, that way I won’t eat to much and I won’t put back on those “college” pounds. Wow, that entire thought process sounds completely vain. Damn, ok, on to better topics. Chris was saying how today he should get his new GeForce 3, so tonight he’ll be hooking that bad boy up to the new flat pannel he got on Friday. This should be very impressive. I’m probably going to want one now which isn’t a good thing. That whole money issue. Ok, I’m going to go find something to do. I’ll be back. Later.

Current mood: Good