Well, this would be the last post before I pack up the computer for the trip tomorrow. I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer, I’ve certainly enjoyed parts of mine, mostly the ones I got to spend with my friends.

Chris, have fun with your last year at VT. I hope that job offer comes through, though it would be cool to have you around NH permanetly, keep chasing those girls, you’ll catch one soon. Thanks for all the great concerts and shows at Avalon, they really made my summer.

Chip, it’s been fun as always, have fun at Valvcon, say hi to Dave & Dave for me, have fun with Andrea, so long and thanks for all the fish.

Nick, thanks for spending what little Milford time you had hangin’ out with me, I know Alaska was fun and I’m sure Europe will be to, try not to get lost in that big giant world out there, but I do envy you for getting to see it.

Dave, Jeff, Derrick, Jason and Heather, I only got to hang out with most of you once or twice but it was fun non-the-less, Dave have fun in school, Derrick, try to to get stuck at Walmart forever, Jeff, have fun at work and try not to crash the new car, Heather, sorry I couldn’t fix that email problem, have fun in school and remember its all in your head, Jason, don’t bug Chip to much and pick a damn car and stick with it. 🙂

Ok, here we go… another jont down the coast and through i95 traffic. Let the fun begin. See you all on Saturday, well, virtually at least. Later.

Current Mood: Anxious and tired