Well, last night was fairly interesting. Both Chris and Chip had called, looking to do something, but I had decided to just hang around here and throw in a DVD. Chris didn’t like that answer and came over and dragged me out anyway. Apparently he had been over at a friends house, getting together with an old group of buddies and they had decided that they wanted to do something. Jeff was also called at some point and so around 8:30 he and Chris stopped by to drag me out. We then met up with Chris’ group of friends, Chris D, Josh, Katie and Tess, most of who I didn’t know with the exception of Teressa who I slightly know. They then wanted to meet Josh in Nashua at Tweeter where he works. After getting him we headed off towards Boston, with Chris D driving one car and Jeff struggling to keep up. We wound our way down to Boston and eventually to Avalon. We got there sometime around 11 and headed in. The house DJ was the same (?) that Chris and I had seen when we went down to see Darren Emerson 2 weeks ago. Only this time he was actually good. After him Jonathan Peters took over and I must say I was very impressed. About half way through, Tess didn’t feel so good, so we sat with her for a while until she was ready to dance a little more. Then her and Katie went off and we didn’t see them until the second to last song. We had a good time, dancing and such, then the whole group wound up near each other on the dance floor for the last song. It was very cool. I’m glad I went out and did something last night instead of sitting around like a party pooper. After that it was the long drive home and I didn’t get in until 4 because we did what Chris and I always do and missed an exit on the highway, usually ending up near the seacoast. So I’m just a little tired and don’t really feel like working today. Oh well. Fun has to have it’s price I suppose. I really can’t wait till next Friday when Chris and I are going to see Paul Van Dyk, master of all that is techno. That should be awesome.

Ohh, ohh, on a separate but equally as cool note, my roommate Pete was able to get a hold of two tickets for Ani Difranco for me. A big thanks goes out to Pete. It also seems that he won a radio contest and now has two more tickets. Guess he’ll have to work on finding a date. Can’t wait for that show, it should be great. Ok, I’m heading off to work. Later.

Current mood: Happy and tired (but for good reason)