Well kids, another day of work is over and done with. Yah. I only had to put up with 1 asshole today! Yippee. But, boy, what a tools he was. Lemme explain. Around 12 this guys comes in and wants a “Game Shark”. I get it out of the case for him and begin to ring it up. I tell him the total and he hands me his credit card. I swipe the card through the machine but I DON’T press “total” or “final sale” yet because I always ask for ID first. I turn over his card and it’s not signed so I ask him for his drivers license. He tells me he doesn’t have it. I say “sorry, I can’t let you use the card then.” He seems fine with it, I cancel the transaction and hand him back his card. He then tells me plainly that he wants a receipt. “A receipt for what?” I ask. He says “you swiped my car, I want a receipt.” “I never charged your card, I cancelled the transaction” I reply. “I don’t care, you swiped my car, I’m not leaving until I have a receipt.”

Now, at this point you must take into acount the basic laws of physics. A) No transaction has been made therefor his card was not charged. B) the register doesn’t think the card has been charged and doesn’t print a receipt. C) I can not give him what physically does not exist. So, this continues to the point where he’s becoming very agitated. I tell him I can do very little for him, I do offer to swipe his card again (selling him the item) then return it (thus giving him his money back). He doesn’t like this idea but doesn’t object. I swipe the car again, he gets angry, I swipe it again to cancel (return) it and he gets even more angry. He’s now forgotten why I have to swipe it a few times. Hes now very upset and demanding a receipt for the original transaction still, refusing to be satisfied with the new one. I keep telling him that there was NO ORIGINAL transaction. I get to the point where I basically say screw this, I’m not doing you anymore favors, in fact, I’m undoing what I just did for you. I pull up the past transactions and post void the entire mess. Note, the original transaction, having never been made, it not among the things I’m deleting from the computer. I say “look, sir, these are post-void slips, they say that the entire transaction has been, was and will forever be canceled. Your card was never charged, theres nothing else I can do.” He’s still pissed but final accepts the limitations of our universe and has to accept the fact that he’s not going to have a receipt of something that never happened. He leaves, vowing to go to BestBuy. Whatever. I don’t have time to deal with people who can’t behave on a normal level or can’t deal with the fact that something just aren’t possible.

Besides that it was a fairly ok day. I hate retail. Period. Lets see, besides that, there was someone interested in buying the old truck (a good thing since I need that money), I order two tickets for tomorrow night for J&SB, I got to talk to Lauren (always a good thing), I’ll probably go get some food in a few minutes. Other than that, it was a pretty normal day. Tomorrow is my parents yard sale. I figured I help then since they’ve now told us that we can have some of the money from the things we sell. Always a good thing. Lets, see, oh, almost forgot. I d/l’ed a nifty little system memory meter called “SkinMem”. Of course its skinable, like all my toys, but it’s very easy to develop for, so be looking for some nifty skins from yours truely. I’ll also give you a link to D/L it… as soon as I remember it. Ok, I’m hungry. Later.

Current Mood: Disliking customers and very hungry