Well, didn’t get a call back from Chip tonight, so I hung around here and watched Office Space. I must say, the more I watch that movie, the more I like it. Originally I thought it was only “alright” but I think it’s grown on me. Tomorrow I’ll probably go register the new car and work on cleaning it from head to toe. It needs it. I think Josh’s sister needed help with her computer at some point as well, as a service to her brother I’ll probably end up giving her a hand. Other than that I get to relax a little. I’ll probably read a little, think about Lauren, play a game or two, think about Lauren, have a nice dinner, think about Lauren, and maybe think about Lauren if I have time. Hehehe, ok, I know, I’m sappy. I don’t care, I miss her. Ok, I’m going to head off to bed since I’m tired as hell, I haven’t gotten much sleep in the past few days. I got in late the other night, couldn’t sleep last night and probably won’t be able to sleep tonight either. May as well try. Night kids. Later.

Current Mood: Sleepy