Today is sorta a work day. I have to work but not until 6. The kicker is that the store closes at 9:30… So, why make tiny little schedules like that you ask? Well, actually, when Eric was making this weeks schedule he added everything up and had 4 extra hours sitting around and offered them to me. I was also offered (last week) an Assistant Managers possition but couldn’t take it since I’m going back to school. Eric said he offered it to me so that he could mention it later to corporate in case I wanted to work at the EB in Savannah. Basically saying “this guy rocks, he would have been my ASM, hire him”. Which is very nice of him to do. Well, today, before work, I’ve got to run to the bank and deposit a pay-check so I can buy Chris’ old video card from him later and it would be nice to have money to do it with. I also figure I’m going to need to pick up a new power supply and a case fan. Anyone have any suggestions?

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