OMG!!! Matt made his very first application skin! Oh no… could this mean yet more time in front of the PC, cranking out cool custom skins for all his favorite programs? Probably not. I actually just wanted to give it a try. The program I mentioned a little while ago, SkinMem, is insanely easy to skin for. Actually, let me back up for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “skin”. A “skin” is just a replacement interface for a computer program, much like how you can change the face plate of a cell phone, you can change the look of some applications. The most widely known “skinnable” program is of course Winamp. With Winamp, you can download custom skins to change the look of your MP3 player. But, for me, having never tried to before, skinning for Winamp is a little bit tougher than one might think. So, for a first attempt I turned to SkinMem, a program I’ve been using for a couple weeks to keep track of how much system memory my computer is using up as I do things. The skin system for SkinMem is so easy that all you have to do is make a single image file and an INI file to go with it that defines things like transparancy and font location. So, basically, you can make this little sucker look like whatever you want. If you’re interested, you can get the program here and I’ll make a new section of the web page for skins so you can d/l’em if you feel like it. Maybe I’ll wait till I have a few more first. We’ll see.

Ok, tomorrow is my second to last day at work. Yah. I plan on being completely useless and trying not to do much of anything. At any rate, I’ve got to work from 1 till 10. Then I get to come home, go to bed, get up and open the store on Thursday. What fun. Ok, g’night.

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