Ok, I’m still kinda steamed but I’m getting over it. Thinking about this rationally, I can only assume that my brother won’t get to take the van to school, essentially making the car my dads. Also, I think my dad was planning on selling the truck which would make up for the cost of the van. See, there is a perfectly rational explination for all of it… Its still pretty freaking annoying though! And theres still no excuse for him being an ass this summer, but he has been under a lot of stress, but that doesn’t mean he should take it out on me simply because I’m conveinent. Whatever, on to other topics. I know this sounds sorta cheesy, but does anyone want to see “American Outlaws”? Its another “new western” and it comes out on the 17th(?). I don’t know, I’ve got a thing for westerns. I really like’em for no perticular reason. Its the only instance where I won’t care about a movies plot or artistic value and simply want to see people beat the crap out of other people and get into gun fights. I know, I can’t explain it either. Usually I loath and dispise action flicks and movies with no plot, but I really like westerns. I don’t get it either. Anyway, that and J&SB will be probably the last two ok movies this summer. Well, that depends if “Knock Around Guys” is anything other than a cheesy action/comedy. I doubt it though. Ok, like I said before, I’m not thinking about everything thats written below this and I’ve calmed down a lot. I think I’m better now. I just needed a little venting. Ok, I’m going to browse the web for a while and then head to bed. Later.