Hey there. Some good news from Nagle, it seems that Jay & Silent Bob strike back is having an advance screening in Lowell on Saturday. I was going to order tickets tonight but I don’t know how many of you are coming with me. I think Nick is busy, Chris promised his roommate and I’m not sure what Chip is doing… Someone let me know who can come so I can order the tickets. I’d really like to see it. Ok, besides that, work was borring, work tomorrow will be borring as well. At least I only have to work two more times after tomorrow. I have Saturday through Tuesday off, work Weds and Thurs and leave on Friday. I’m going to try and get another kid to cover Thursday so I can spend the day packing the car and getting ready. I hope he can cover me. All that and I still need to develope 5 or 6 rolls of film for my uncle. Arg. Let see, what else…

Oh, guys, I’ve got a shit load of stuff kitchen wise. I’ve got pans, pots, silverware, dishes, mugs, you name it. So, if you’d like to save space, I’ve probably got most of that covered. The only things I don’t have are glasses and utensils (like spatulas and wisks and big spoons, etc). Also, I figured I’d mention it, probably only for Pete’s sake, that my mother will be the one coming down this time and she’s not, well, as open-minded and leanant as my dad… so, for her sake (and my sanity), there’s nothing sitting around that would offend anyone or creep anyone out right? Giant pictures of satin, pig blood pentagrams on the carpet, things like that. There nothing like that right? Please tell me there nothing like that. If there is, could you do me a large favor and quitely move “frightening” things to a different location for when we get there. I don’t think my folks have the highest expectations for the residence of a couple of college guys but I’d like to surprise them. But, whatever, just figured I’d give you the heads up.

Speaking of coming to Savannah… my plan was basically to pack the car next Thursday night, leave early Friday morning. Stop in the bottom of VA for the night. Get up, finished the drive and be in Savannah by Saturaday afternoon. Spend Saturday night getting my crap in from the car and having some food. Sunday, get up, go shopping for a bed and the random pieces of furnature I might need. Set everything up and finished “nessesity” shopping on Monday, and drive my mom to the airport on Monday afternoon. Plah. Ok, enough rambling for the night. I’ve got work at 9am. Ouch. Later.

PS: call me if anyone wants to go and see J&SB on Saturday. otherwise I’ll see it in Savannah after next weekend.

Current mood: Tired and hurried.