Hey kids. Well, yesterday was fun. I spent Sunday over my uncles house. It was his birthday and we had a little shindig for him. After a few hours of BBQ and potato salad I was thinking about leaving when my cousin Meg suggested that we go catch a movie, I guess she was bored too. So, my brother, myself and my two cousins set out for the drive-in. Those of you not from Milford are probably wondering why we still actually have a drive-in. Well, its actually kind of a cool movie experience, sitting in your car, hanging the speaker on the window. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, as we got to the drive-in we were told to wait a minute since the power had just gone out and they didn’t know if they would be having a show that night. After a minute or two, another employee runs out from the main office screaming something about a fire. A few seconds later the fire department showed up and we more or less decided there wasn’t going to be a movie anytime in the near future. We left and drove over to the other movie theater and were in time to catch American Pie 2. Now, I really didn’t want to see AP2 but the rest of’em didn’t want to see anything else so I was kind of out voted. In compensation, I made my brother pay for me since I wasn’t seeing the movie I wanted. We bought our tickets and went in and sat down. The movie was alright. It was on par with just about everything else I’ve seen this summer, ie: “nothing special”. It was actually better than the original which I never really like anyway. The first movie was all about the slapstick humor and this one was more about situational humor and dick and fart jokes. Whatever. It was something to do and I was bored.

Today should be a different store. I’m going into Boston with Chris and my mom and we’re going to Urban Outfitters, a kick ass clothing/home-good/novelty store. It’s kind of hard to explain. They have some of everthing. From pants and t-shirts to giant velvet pillows and play-boy bunny cocktail glasses. Its almost as if they smashed Pier-One and Pacific Sunwear together. At any rate, they’re having a big giant sale and Chris and I are looking to pick up a sit load of t-shirts for next to nothing. So, that should be fun. We’ll be going as soon and both of them get home from work. Hopefully soon. I’ll tell ya more when I get home. Later.

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