Hey hey, today I got around to putting some new tires on the Olds’88 and getting it to pass inspection. It needed the tires badly, along with a few repairs to the break lines. It’s all good now and hopefully I’ll be taking a spin over to WorstBuy soon to see what they have in the way of car stereos. I just can’t live with only an AM/FM radio. It doesn’t even have a freakin’ tape! Anyway, besides that, I got some networking stuff to work and hooked up my brothers PC to mine, we’ve been kicking the crap out of each other in Half-Life all afternoon. After that I took care of some long overdue laundry and made a pizza. As you can see it’s been a fairly productive day. Tonight I’ll probably make that afor-mentioned trip to BestBuy and maybe play a little more May Payne. Oh, and before I forget, I finally put up the link to “Dot Comments”, the comment system I’m using on the page, as well as the ID button and a new Blogger button. Ok, gotta go get the clothes out of the dryer. Later.

Current Mood: Productive