Hey Hey Hey, Well, I made it. I’m in one piece. My computer is still in it’s box at the moment, basically because I haven’t purchased a computer table for it yet. But, my roommate was nice enough to let me use his for the moment.

As for the trip down… well, it sucked. The first day we caught nothing but traffic. Theres a section of i95 that I like to call “the corridor from hell”. Basically is stretches from the New Jersey Turnpike, down past Washington DC and Richmond VA. You have to pass through NJ, over a brige with a $3 toll onto Delaware, over a second bridge (also a toll) to Mayland, through a turnpike tunnel (again a toll), through downtown Baltlimore, into Penn and through Philly, into Virginia, through Richmond and past DC. It sucks. I was in bumper to bumper traffic all the way. Its never been that bad. We got to our “half way point” in VA about two hours later than we should have. After that it was a breeze. The second day of driving went quickly and I was in Savannah by 3pm on Saturday.

After moving everything in from the car and taking a quick shower my mom and myself headed off to see about getting a bed. We found a factory outlet and was able to get a $800 Serta Pillowtop Full for $190. I slide the delivery guy a twenty and asked if he could have it there this afternoon. He was there in 30 minutes. After setting up the bed, taking a quick shower and getting a bite to eat, Pete, my mother and myself headed off to Walmart for some of the essentials. I needed a cover for the bed, plus a set of sheets, shower curtain, OJ, bread, that sort of stuff.

After partially setting up my room I spread out an older set of sheets on top of the bed since I didn’t have time to wash the new ones, put my head down and fell asleep in minutes. Today we were planning on buying that afor mentioned computer table (ie: a $30 card table) from Office Max and getting a grocery order done. I need just about some of everything. I hope Pete is home before we leave for groceries because I’d love to go to Sam’s Club and get some seriously cheap stuff. After that, I’ve got to set up my computer and run cable to the upstairs so that I can be online. Right now Pete has his computer in the living room because there wasn’t enough (or any) cord to reach the upstairs. A quick trip to Radio Shack or BestBuy will solve that. I’ll run cable (coax) up the stairs and have the hub and the modem at the top of the stairs. From there I’ll split off three network cables into each of our rooms. I figure this way it’s easier, I only have to run one cable instead of three. Ok, I’m going to go make breakfast now. It feels so weird to be able to do things like make breakfast in MY toaster, take OJ out of MY fridge, it’s great, I’m lovin’ this.

I’ll be back online probably late tonight or tomorrow, I’m not sure yet, but I’ll see ya then.

Current Mood: Great