Blarg… cleaned the car. I’m starting to wonder just what happened to that car over the past few years. There are the most random stains and weird little things in there. I don’t know, nor do I care really. I gave it a good scub down, and the cleaners made my head spin. I also dumped some “dry gas” into the gas tank. Its supposed to help with fuel injection and starting. Personally I’d like to know whats in that stuff. It has no odor, no color and doesn’t stain (I know this only because I spilled some). Can it really be good for your engine? Whatever. I also got the insurrance check today. It’ll go towards living expenses in the fall since I don’t need to use it to buy a car. I do plan to put a slightly nicer stereo in it though. Nothing extreme, no amps or anything, just a cd player or something. Later.

Current Mood: Hot and tired