Arr, a hoy there me maties! *cough* Ok, sorry bout that. Hehehe, well, today I’m actually in a great mood. Tomorrow Chris and I are going to see the crown prince of Techno, Paul Van Dyk. The day after that I get to hang out with the boys and play some ‘puter games. I haven’t gotten to do that in forever. I also got a few emails from Lauren and a little hint about an item I should buy. Well, I’m not going to let slip what this item may be, but I will say that I’ve been thinking about getting one for some time now, I’ve just been waiting till I have a little more in the bank. Soon though, soon. Also, the car finally got registered and will be inspected tomorrow. It’s expected to pass with flighing colors and I should be able to take it to Boston that night. Huzzah! I also bought a new CD (shame on me). It was on sale so I don’t feel to bad, especially since it was originally 29.99 and it was on sale for 14.99. What was this incredible bargin you ask? Well, it was “Renaissance” mixed by Dave Seaman and it really kicks butt. Its a slower chilled out set from the resident British DJ, it starts out bangin’ on the first disk but cools off with the second. The first disk would be great to start a party and the second to wind it down. I also got to hang out with Chip last night. We met his girlfriend at Uno’s Pizza after she got off work. Ok, thats about it for today. Since its nearly the hotest day of the summer, I think I’m going to go sit infront of the AC now. Later.

Current Mood: Chilled and well mixed Hehehe.