Arg, silly computer. This stupid thing is playing power supply games again. Its shutting off ever 20 minutes on me. I’m fairly sure it’s not something else, like a heat issue, considering the case is off and its sitting infront of the AC at the moment. Anyway, yesterday I had to work till close. I had taken some allergy medication after getting there but neglected to see if it was the non-drowsy kind. Well, it wasn’t and I was completely useless all afternoon. After dinner, Nick came in, having returned from Alaska. It was a very welcome surprise. He wondered around the story breifly and then headed off. After work I met him over at TGI Fridays to grab a bite to eat and catch up. I hope I’ll get to hang out with him this week, he leaves for school about the same time I do. I think I’m just going to tell work that tomorrow is my last day. I need some time to pack and theres no sense starting a new pay week when I won’t see the check for a month. Anyway, today I’m batting clean-up again and will go in to close. Tomorrow I’ve got to go in early and open since the carpet cleaners are coming. yah. But at least I get out around 5. After that, my parents have planned a yard sale for Saturday without giving my brother and I fair warning. I already had plans to hangout with Nick (If he isn’t camping with Heather this weekend) or Chris and Chip. I’d kind of appreciate being able to spend my last Saturday with friends that I won’t see for another year. Plus I have to pack and buy some more things for the apartment so the timing of this yard sale couldn’t have been worse. I still need to get pictures developed for my Aunt and Uncle. Arg. So much to do, so little time. Yup, I’ve definatly decided that Friday will be my last day at work. Sorry EB, life comes first. Later.

Current mood: tired and etc.