WOOOOOO! That show was freaking awesome! I’ve got so many things to share. We started the day by picking up Brent, driving down rt3, down i95 and 93 into Boston and parked in Copley square. We then went on a quest to find Chris some shoes. We walked the wrong way up Beacon Hill and ended up in Government Center. Which was ok since we needed food anyway and were near Quincy Market. After some good food we took the T back to Copley and started walking the other way towards New Balance for Chris. My ancle was hurting a lot (after twisting it) so me and Brent sat on a bench about half way there and waited for Chris to get back. After a little while, Chris got back with some new shoes and we headed back to the car to drop them off. After that we sat around for a few hours and waited for Avalon to open. At 10 doors opened and we wondered in. The place was completely empty for at least the first half hour or so which left me and Brent time to try the Oxygen Bar, which in case you don’t know, is just flavored oxygen. It doesn’t really do anything for you, it has the same effect as drinking a cup of tea. It just kind of relaxes you a little. The house DJ was still spinning and was pretty crappy and it took a while for him to get into a groove. After that the place started filling up and by 11 it was getting pretty full. Around 11:45 we wondered upstairs and stood 3 feet away from the DJ booth and watched as Darren Emerson came in. He started off his set and the house exploded. We then went down to the floor and danced the night away, two and a half hours on our feet, rockin’ to the house. It was great, it was exactly what I needed. My feet are absolutely killing me and I couldn’t be happier. So, after that, we headed home, back down the highway and I went strait to bed. I wish I could describe the experience to you, its great, letting the music completely take control. I’ve never had that experience at anything other than a club/rave. Not at a rock show, not at a concert, only at something like this. And Darren Emerson certainly didn’t disappoint: moving the floor with some kick ass tracks. Spectacular. And for anything interesting that’s going on today, I’m heading (back) into Boston to pick up my brother whos coming in from Sydney. Also, I got word from Karl (monaux) that I can use those kick ass emotion icons, which was very nice of him, I appreciate that. So, that’s about it. I had a great night and can’t wait to do it again at Area One and Paul Van Dyke later this summer. Later.

Current Mood: Freakin’ Great!