Without a doubt, we call officially call yesterday the worst day ever. Or maybe “why me, why me.” After straitening out all that stuff at work and leaving all that behind, I was looking forward to seeing Final Fantasy tonight with the boys. So, I get home, give Chris a ring, and head over to pick him up around 8:30. As I’m pulling out of his drive way a car comes around the bend at top speed and slams on its breaks, missing my back bumper by inches. Seeing all this in my rear-view mirror I miss place my feet and end up stalling the car, somewhat out of fright. I restart the car and look back in my mirror to see whats going on. The young ladies in the car are all giving me the finger, as if by being there I’ve somehow disturbed the Indy 500 they were running. I return the gesture and start down the road. As I’m heading down the street, they follow, inches from my bumper. At the stop light at the bottom of the hill they pull into the turning lane next to me, roll down they’re window and start swearing at me and giving me more wonderful gestures. The light turns green and I just look at them, smile and drive off. Apparently that wasn’t the answer they were looking for. Unsatisfied with the verbal assault they thought they gave me, they quickly cut off two moving lanes of traffic and follow after me, again on my bumper. Wheres a cop when you need one, right? Anyway, I figure they’re just pissed and drive off towards the gas station (I was low on fuel). As I pull into the Texaco, they pull up beside me, the driver rolls down her windows and says something to the effect of “if you ever f*ing do that f*ing again I’ll get my boyfriend and f*ing beat your f*ing head in”. Considering this “girl”, if you can call IT that, was about 5’2″ and 300lbs, I figure she’s not doing much of anything to me or anyone else. I return the insults and threats with “You do realize you’ve used the word “fuck” about 15 times in that sentence, you should really try and cut back”. This was also apparently not the response she was looking for. Her and the passenger jump out of their car and say “Out of your car, now, get the f* out of your car.” I stand up and say “listen lady, I putting gas in my car, you mind?” She “thunders” over towards me and says ” I’m gonna f*ing kick your ass you f*ing asshole, do you know who my boyfriend is, he’s Mo Wells and he’s gonna f*ing come down here and blow your f*ing head off with a f*ing shotgun.” “Whatever, I’m going to pump my gas now” I say in return. They get pissed that I’m not doing anything and get back in their car. The passenger then gets back out of the car, comes over to me at the gas pump, gets right in my face and says “your such a f*ing asshole, you’ve got a f*ing attitude problem”. I look at her and brush it off and turn my concentration back to the gas pump. She winds up and punches me in the side of the head. I didn’t actually hurt, I was slightly more stunned that it had happened. She runs back to the car and get in. As she’s going back I say “you know, I’m going to be the bigger man and not hit you back”. She says “yah whatever, you certainly were acting like the bigger man.” Then they get in their car and speed off. I’m left standing at the pump wondering what to do. I’ve never been assaulted before. I go inside Texaco and ask if they have any security cameras. The attendant says no but offers me the phone to call the police. I decline since I don’t really see the point. I didn’t have their name, or they’re license plate number, so who would I press charges against. The only name I have is Mo Wells, who come to find out, is the local drug dealer. He’s been in jail several times and has been picked up for narcotics and weapons possessions. He also sells drugs to the high school kids since he lives in the apartments across the street. If in fact he is that girls boyfriend, then it’s very possible that indeed he does have weapons enough to harm me. But, the way I figure it, most people in town know who he is and she was probably just trying to scare me by throwing his name around. If you had seen this girl, trust me, she wasn’t exactly girlfriend material, and if I were Mo, I certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Drug dealers should has a little more taste than that. At any rate, I’ve left feeling disappointed in people in general and now have seen the effects of “road rage” first hand. Wait, I take that back, I’m not disappointed in people, just more disappointed in white-trash. I have the fullest confidence that people as a whole aren’t complete assholes. I have faith that our society hasn’t gone that far. Then again, when I look around I see more and more evidence that a large percentage of the population should be taken out to sea on a boat and sunk in the middle of the Atlantic. I’ve noticed a steady decline in both the common sense and attitudes of people in Milford in the past 5 years. I will however, not be pushed in the other direction. I will not purchase a hand gun to protect myself, I will not seek police intervention, I will not track down Mo and beat the ever living shit out of him. All for the same reason that I didn’t hit that girl back. That I don’t want to complete a cycle thats trying to repeat itself. Someones violent to me, I’ve violent to them, the system repeats, and I won’t do it. I’d like to think I’m a much bigger person than that. Not that I’m on a high horse, my horse isn’t very big at all, but I do know I’m better than those people. You heard me. I think I’m better than them. Period. I don’t solve my problems with obscenities and violence. That said… Fuck them. As you can see, I’m still a tad bit angry, I won’t lie to you there, and who wouldn’t be, I’m just not going to do anything to provoke the cycle anymore. As I was driving away from the gas station, I was laughing about it with Chris, saying how stupid and random that was. Two movies come to mind, Falling Down with Micheal Douglas and the beginning of The Whole Nine Yards with Matthew Perry, right at the beginning when he’s venting his anger on the steering wheel. Ok, enough of this. I’m sure both Chris and Chip will have written something interesting about this in their journals as well. I consider the case closed and don’t intend to go after ti anymore. I just hope that Karma plays a roll and they get what they deserve. Ok, I’m going to go back to bed now, I’m still sleepy. I’ll catch you all later, when the world has come to its senses. And oh, by the way, Final Fantasy was good. B plot A++ animation, just as I figured it. Ok, Later.

Current mood: angry and confused.